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Sunwalker Journeys

with David Beck

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The Journey

A Tool For Discovery

The shamanic journey has been used by human beings for thousands of years to reach into the unknown.  Through the rythmic sound of the drum, a person can alter their state of consciousness and explore a different reality.  Here one can seek knowledge and understanding beyond themselves.  Whether seen through the traditional lens of entering the spirit world or the scientific view of delving into the subconcious, the experiences are just as valid and uplifting.

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Practice & Education

Let The Drum Carry You


Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

A Beginning

Shamanic Journeying is an ancient technique used to deepen ones spiritual connections.  In this class  we will compare traditional shamanism to modern core shamanism.  Through rhythmic drumming, we will transcend our normal conscious state and journey to meet the many helping spirits that are always surrounding us.  We will discuss how shamanic practice can benefit modern people by enriching our existing spiritual beliefs and reconnecting us with the natural world.  We will explore shamanic beliefs regarding sickness.  Finally, we will look at how journeying can play a part in our everyday lives.

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Shamanic Journeying Circle

Exploration & Community

The journeying circle is a class held on a monthly basis to allow continuing practice.  It also offers the opportunity to gather with others that have decided to explore this path.  Each circle will consist of three journeys.  These journeys vary from circle to circle.  Sometimes they are described ahead of time, but often they will be  revealed at the beginning of class.  As in any other discipline, it is only through practice we can reach our full potential.  No prior experience is needed to attend.

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Sharing With Friends

Gatherings is a way to share the practice of journeying with others.  It is a class structured to the needs of a group.  Bring friends and family together and choose a topic.  We will gather at the location of your choice and spend time exploring together.

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Additional Classes

Following the Path

There are many other classes offered.  

  • Exploring the Shamanic Landscape

  • Guardians of the Four Directions

  • Finding the Way

  • The Warrior Face

  • Into Our Dreams

Follow the link below for more details.​

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Upcoming Events

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"All types of knowledge ultimately mean

-Bruce Lee

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"The energy of life must be balanced.  Too little and the flower will die.  Too much and the thing you are trying to save will be destroyed.  This is the responsibility you carry.  Only by walking that line will you find truth."

- Nemisis of the Sky

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